Monday, September 21, 2009


another attempt at sharing my love for this most loveliest part of the artist's book: the colophon! i have found that when i collaborate on a book project, the colophon tends to be much more creative. take this one, for instance (a recent collaboration with 2 fellow artists):

this small edition of very pretty books includes reproductions of several drawings, with writings to accompany them.

and there's even a centerfold:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

one of my newest ventures, born equally from of a general feeling of brokeness and a need for new creative tangents, has been to satisfy my urge for a new wardrobe by recreating the old one that i already have.

what began as a frantic cutting of sleeves five minutes before i needed to leave for work, several days in a row, has ultimately resulted in a few neat projects that i have really enjoyed showing off. and a coworker recently told me, upon seeing this dress, "dude, i would totally buy that for, like, fifty dollars!" well, neat!